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User Guides

  • Quick Reference Guide

    Quick Reference Guide

    This Quick Reference Guide provides an overview of the registration, data entry and reporting features of the GSA Carbon Footprint Tool. This Guide includes summary details about registering for an account, signing in, creating sites, creating scenarios, and generating reports. For a more comprehensive resource that includes step-by-step instructions for all features of the Tool, see the User Guide.


  • User Guide

    User Guide

    GSA has developed this tool to aid your organization in calculating its carbon emissions, developing "what-if" scenarios, setting and meeting reduction targets, generating reports, and visualizing its carbon footprint. This tool is aligned with the requirements set forth in Executive Order (EO) 13693 and designed under the principles specified in the Technical Support Document that accompanies section 9 of Executive Order. This user guide will serve as a reference as you use the tool to perform a greenhouse gas analysis of your organization.


  • Portfolio Manager Walkthrough

    Portfolio Manager Walkthrough

    The Carbon Footprint Tool has developed the ability to import your Portfolio Manager properties and their meters. This guide will take you through the processes step by step.